19 March 2017

Spring is behind the corner

Or maybe already came? Officially we still have 2 days 😄 On the way home last Friday I thought about it. In fact it was, by coincidence, St. Patrick's. So I needed to pick some dry cleaning when I realised that it was the Saint Patrick's. As my second half is Patrick I thought, uups, we need a present. So the chase for a gift started and lasted exactly... 10 minues 😛😜😝
So, in no time I was ready. What to do with all this time? Well, I entered the INTIMISSIMI boutique.
The spring has definitely arrived by there.
The Spring bouquet line with its beautiful floral pattern and silk is very, very romantic; a perfect choice for a date for instance. Bras are available is balconette and traingle versions, there is also this feminine slip (on the right) with laced cups and adjustable skinny straps. And the panties of course, with more or less lace. 
For the amateurs of block combinations I would propose the bicolor lingerie with light blue or nude. Like this georgeous Gioia push up (down) paired with the lace tanga.

There is also Italian Garden line, with powder pinks or fresh greens. For classics we find here nude, broken white and beige.

From the clothing we can find romantic pleated tops, in white, beige or nude shades. My personal attention went to the long-sleeve jacket with shawl collar and gore detail to the back. Available in 3 colours: green, light pink and black.

Our second-halves can also enjoy spring by Intissimi but this I will leave up to you to discover.
In the meantime check yourself. You will like it.

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