07 September 2016

A new kind of… wrap.

Do you like wraps? Me too. I do not know however if you are talking about the same thing…

Did you have in mind a (mostly) woollen piece of clothing in which you can wrap and feel nicely warm and cosy during the humid, chilling and dark autumn evening?
I did. That is why today we will have a short piece on the woollen wraps. Not only wraps in fact, this part of our garment often holds another title: a shawl, stole, cloak, cape, mantle, scarf, poncho, serape, pelisse… a perfect, if not a must, part of our autumn/winter wardrobe.
What is wrap? After Wikipedia: in the context of clothing, a wrap can refer to a shawl or stole or other fabric wrapped about the upper body, or a simple skirt-type garment made by wrapping a piece of material round the lower body. Wraps are sometimes sewn at the edges to form a tube which keeps the required size. A wrap may be secured by a corner being tucked beneath the wrapped material, by making a knot, or using ties, buttons or velcro.
In the northern hemisphere wraps are mainly worn in the cold season but the most famous wraps are not necessarily from winter clothing. Look for instance at pareo, longyi or sarong.
Joseph Fringed cashmere wrap
Since grey comes back on the spot as 'the colour of the season' I propose a few items in this hue.

Here on the right, a luxurious cashmere wrap by Joseph - ideal for long journeys or relaxing at home. The fringed trims give a cool finishing touch.
John Lewis Stripe Cape

This model is suitable for women of regular size, from tall to medium height.

John Lewis proposes striped cape, in black/grey, ideal for trans-seasonal styling. It also has a subtle fringe detailing. Perhpas less luxurious but giving the same styling possibilities as it's expensive equivalent above.

Wool Patterned Shawl in Smoke and Charcoal
If you prefer something lighter, you may go for the shawl - bigger version of a scarf which may be worn in a 'wrapping' style. Shawls are usualy more lightweight than a poncho or wraps. They can also be very elegant, by giving extra elegant or modern touch to the whole outfit. Shawls are also less expensive. This one, in checkered patterns in smoke and gunmetal grey is available for $47.99 by Novica website.

Another option could be the... cape. I know, it sounds like Sherlock Holmes, nevertheless, it's worth trying...

Choies Gray Stand Collar Asymmetric Zipper
Front Cape Coat
The Choies model is pretty modern, with its asymetric zipper and standing collar. I would suggest it for young women, who don't want to pay a fortune but yet have something trendy.

In any case, if you buy it on Choies, you have to get something unique.

An alternative can be a cap-cape, like this one by OASAP. It is however warmer clothing and to be used when it is already colder outside.
Women's Winter Wool Blend Hooded Cape

For more demanding clients there's another alternative - the stole. They are made however most of
Miu Miu Fur Stole
the time from the natural fur. Not everybody's best choice then.

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