21 May 2012

Colours to cheer us up during this fatal spring!

Hi, how about some colours, to make the spirit up, hè? I don't know how about you but I myself absolutely need a colorful incentive :), like this one for instance: a purple dress, yellow-pink clutch and indigo sandals...

The picture on the right and below is a snapshot from my profile on ShopStyle.com. There one can create thousands of outfits and looks, using the ample database of clothes, shoes, bags and so on... One may also subscribe to one of the groups, e.g. I want to be a stylist or Handbag Mania. It doesn't cost anything and gives lots of fun!

Anyway, coming back to the subject - to keep up the spirit I apply a colour-therapy. For the moment it seems to work, wow! Ok, today I put on a black suit and a white shirt... but had at least red nails :). Still waiting for the summer to come to put one of those flashy dresses on and go for a chill-out drink after work. I really need it, especially that the summer, ehmm... you know what I mean, it doesn't have to come AT ALL!
Already in January I got vitamine D prescribed by the doctor. It must be this country with its maritime climate. Not that I complain but it would be much more appreciated (after all those years) to indeed have four, regular seasons in the year, not a quasi-winter, no spring and a 6-months long autumn. Do you also have a similar impression???

Well, I can't change the weather so perhaps I'll stay with my cheerful therapy.

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  1. Today is a red shirt day. Horemka